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There have been some posts regarding those who do not want to use Studio for upgraded versions of some favorite plug-ins. If earlier version downloads have not been saved, how can they get back to what was working for them if the Download page is only showing Studio versions.

I’m wondering if the Download link on Account pages would lead to the version originally purchased or to the upgraded Studio version?


I agree that we should have a choice — but ------ It could be that a computer could be compromised should the “old” software be open to hacking AND with new versions of the OS released with regularity it could be that incompatibility would become a major issue when the plugin/software cannot function because it won’t run


At this time that does appear to be the case for individual plugins, although if the plugins were purchased as a part of a Topaz Collection, those plugins would not have been updated in almost a year to two years.

This is probably the more important consideration IMHO! I am pretty sure that with the number of individual plugins currently being offered it has become a development nightmare to keep abreast of the the constant OS upgrades, particularly with Windows. By having them all integrated into Studio I would think that in the long run the workload would be lessened to manageable chaos. Just my 2 cents/pence worth.

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I agree that we should have a choice. I know I have not made a habit of saving the installers as I could always find the most up-to-date installer on the Downloads page.

Some older versions can be found here:

However the list is incomplete. For example Impression 2 was bumped from the Download page in favor of Topaz Impression in Studio but it was not added to the Previous Versions page.

Hopefully it’s just a mater of manpower and time. Looking to @JoeFedric-TL for confirmation.


Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about that.

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The old version shouldn’t be anymore hackable than any other loaded software. I was not aware of this page so thank Kathy for posting it. However, noted on this Previous Installer page, the versions are not the most recent ones that were on the Download page before it was upgraded to Studio and require Studio to operate, the ones that now appear under Plug-ins in Studio. Anyone concerned about using the Studio interface, should make sure that copies that they have loaded are the most recent ones because sooner or later, I expect all of them will find their way to being upgraded to Studio. However, one must be aware that eventually they would not be supported or upgraded with technology advances in equipment or editors.

I also have a concern with Studio itself … as more and more is added to the software my computer is not going to be able to cope with it (already experiencing some of this on latest beta version). I really enjoy Studio and hope that a “lighter” version (at the development stage where it was fully functioning for me) will be accessible for me to use should I require reloading at some future date.

I think the problem of your computer coping with it, aside from whatever storage is available (I run it from a secondary drive so there’s plenty of room at this point) but how many Adjustments and T/N layers are open at the same time. I haven’t wrapped my head around on whether these new images after applying still utilize the preceding ones (as layers do) or whether the new image has incorporated all of the previous adjustments and previous ones can be eliminated.

I had thought this may be an issue and have been eliminating as I go - when I remember ad it helps (well I think it does)… unfortunately updating my computer is not an option so I am really hoping that I will still be able to use studio in the future as it has been so convenient to use multiple presets without having to reinvent the wheel in each of the plugs ins each time I want to create a similar look.

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I don’t know what you’re running but what you’ve done has been outstanding. If you’re running into problems, maybe it would help if you break your saved presets into smaller segments if possible…I know that I grab any of your presets when identified and I like the look of what you’ve achieved and that’s most of the time.

Previous versions are here:

Impression 2 is listed.

Thanks Joe. This is the same page I linked to only now it looks different. It used to have a white background; now it’s black and it’s been updated to include Impression 2 which wasn’t there when I posted. Either that or my eyesight is failing. :smiley:

We actually had two versions - I just redirected the old page to the new page :slight_smile:

As we progress, older information will lose relevance and we’ll redirect to the new Help Center. Eventually, all relevant information will be moved, so that we’re back to a single Help Center, instead of two. We knew there would be a transition period, and we’re at the stage now where we are seeing actual changes occur on the public side. Things will eventually become uniform, and the entire experience will feel more “Topaz”.


Thanks for confirming that I’m not losing it. Well, maybe I am but you are too polite to say so. :wink:

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