Question form a Novice on Photo Storage

I am running Topaz Studio 2 (and other Topaz products) on Mac that is about 5-years old (MacOS Monterey). I first download pics from my SD card to Photos. Then I’ve been exporting them to an external drive to save storage on my Mac. I export unmodified files. But then when I go to that external drive, the pics are NEF with the Topaz Studios 2 icon associated with each file and when opening it opens them in TPZ Studio2. Is there anyway to avoid this? I’d rather open the files I want with Topaz. I mean what if I dump Topaz someday? I don’t want to lose access to those pics. Can I change this?

Also, I swear Topaz 2 doesn’t seem to do for me what the original version does for my wife’s photo editing with the original version. She seems to have more things available to her than I do. Where do I find the full capabilities of the program? Is my olds computer part of the issue?

Thanks for any insights!

To change the file association (on a Mac) right click on one of your nef files and choose “Get info” from the context-sensitive menu. A new window opens: about ½ down you should see “Open with:” – just below it, Topaz Studio 2 is listed as the default. If you click on the arrow to the right, you should find a number of applications that can be substituted as the default. Simply select the one that you would prefer to use as your default if you double-click this nef fil.e. To make the change system-wide—to include all nef files—click on “Change All…” below. If your preferred app is not included in the list, you can select “other” at the bottom of the app list and then navigate to your application folder to select it.

Studio 2 was advertised as a different application, not an upgrade from the original Studio. The most noticeable difference (at least for me) was the lack of layers. However, many users have lamented the paucity of looks compared to what was offered in the original Studio. The layout is also quite different.

Studio 2 initially offered the possibility of migrating user-created effects from Studio 1. However, the most recent version of Studio 2 (Mac) removed that functionality. If you are missing effects (Studio 1) that you would like as looks in Studio 2, there are a couple of possibilities. The first is to revert to the previous version of Studio 2 (2.3.1). Then, within Studio 1, identify the effects you would like and mark them as favourites. (This is assuming that you have Studio 1 on your computer, as well as Studio 2.) Then open Studio 2 and select migrate custom 1 presets from the Help Menu.

Alternatively, there is a slightly more complicated method available. Prior to the most recent version, I migrated all of the effects in Studio 1 (except for those posted by other users). The migration created files with the tpr extension (e.g. AirBrush1.tpr) and deposited them into a Studio 2 folder named “My Looks”. I have copied all of these tpr files (looks) into a folder which is accessible through a dropbox link:

You can download some, or all, and then copy and paste them into your “My Looks” folder. One way to locate this folder is to create a new look within Studio 2 with a unique name (e.g. mynewlook.tpr) and then search for mynewlook.tpr using the search feature in Finder. Once you have found this file, right-click and choose “show in enclosing folder”. This is the folder that you will copy the tpr files to.

I realize that this may seem daunting but I would be happy to provide further assistance if you decide that it is important to retrieve the missing looks.

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Thank you! This helps my understanding a bunch!