Question about "Experimental All GPUs"

I tried to post this in the Video Enhance AI section of the forum but, for whatever reason, the “New Topic” button is greyed out.

I have a GTX 980ti on my main PC. I have the opportunity to install a second video card (another GTX 980ti). I was wondering if I need to use an SLI bridge/cable on the cards in order for Video Enhance AI to take full advantage of them.

mGPU doesn’t need SLI bridge or cable. You get no benefit from it. You just run them together and that’s it. Each GPU will handle its job separately.


Quick question; how many GPUs can Video Enhance AI currently utilize?

As many as you can. But only some models can use mGPU. Artemis, Dione just don’t scale properly or just simply don’t work with mGPU.

Hmm… Well, I tried the “all GPUs” setting using the Artemis model and everything went smooth so, not sure why you said “Artemis, Dione just don’t scale properly or just simply don’t work with mGPU”… Maybe I just got lucky…

Hmm… Interesting. My son has a cheaper model PC running integrated Vega 11 with a 2400g CPU. I had a GTX 1650 lying around and installed it on his PC and that’s when I became aware of the mGPU option in VEAI. He went from over 3 sec/frame to 1.91 sec/frame using the mGPU option.

I figured I would see improvements as well if I added a second GTX980ti on my PC. I am currently at 1.45 sec/frame upscaling 1080p => 2160p. I was hoping to get it to under 1 sec/frame. I guess I’ll know soon enough when I get my second 980ti this week.

Or you can buy a new generation GPU like Nvidia 3000 series or AMD 6000 series that can handle much better job and lower power consumption.

Can’t afford those right now, unfortunately.