Question about Bug Fixes

Before the announcement of paid updates/bug fixes, DeNoise AI was updated and had a pretty serious bug. When reopening the filter on a smart object to make changes, the initial adjustments were not there. After a conversation with support, they said this was indeed a bug and will be fixed. It occurred to me after reading an update on the responses to the announcement that this bug fix might not occur until I would have to pay for this fix. Can anyone speak to this? Right now, I put a note in PS with the adjustments I made in DeNoise AI so I will have them if I need to make changes. Definitely not an ideal and certainly time-consuming process. There has not been any info on paid updates to Studio 2 yet, but one of the worst bugs it has is that no adjustment is kept when used as a smart filter in PS. Usually make a new “Look” each new picture when I use Studio 2 so I can adjust it upon return. Lately I have been using other processes/plug-ins not because I don’t like Topaz AI products but because of the bugs. Maybe these Bugs should be fixed before going into the pay for update cycle.

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I just posted a comment in reference to that in another thread, but you’re right, Denoise AI has needs some major fixing since it started affecting the original files