Purchased Adjustments not showing "blue"

I just purchased DeHaze, Precision Detail and Precision Contrast adjustments but they are not lit up as blue in the adjustment lists. Did I miss a step t load these adjustments? Note I was demo’ing them prior to purchasing.

they should appear in blue when you restart the application.

I have restarted the program and the computer with no luck. I also downloaded and reinstalled Studio. I was demo-ing the adjustments before I proceeded to purchase. My account shows as purchased and studio does not. Does the demo period have to expire before the adjustments show blue? Thanks

Just to make sure, did you run the “Validate Plugins” prior to restarting TS? Also make sure that you are running the latest version of TS.

I am running Studio 1.3.2 and have previous plug-ins BW 2, Impressions 2 and Details 3 installed. Studio recognized the three plugins and the Impression adjustment is displayed as blue but the Precision Details adjustment is not blue. Yesterday I initiated a demo of Dehaze, Precision Contrast and Precision Detail. Later that day I purchased the three adjustments. I followed the instructions to get the new adjustments into Studio with no success. Today I reinitiated the process and now the Channel Mixer adjustment is blue but Precision Details is not, Precision contrast is not, and DeHaze is not. Each of these adjustments that should be blue is saying I have 29 days left and so is still in demo mode. Not sure why just Channel Mixer adjustment is blue.

You will need to raise a support request as there is no need to purchase Precision Detail & Channel Mixer if you already own a previous version of Detail.

On the left hand side, presets, do you have a Detail category under Specialty?

Upgrade instructions for Detail are here:


I have followed the upgrade instructions several times. Detail is showing as a preset under “Specialty” on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen Precision Detail is present but in demo mode (not Blue and counting down the demo period) and Channel Mixer is showing as blue and purchased. Dehaze and Precision Contrast are also still showing only demo mode and counting down the days.

Just raise a support request at the link on the header above. They will get it resolved for you … in the meantime just continue to use the trial.

I remember some people recommending here in the forum to log into your TS account within Topaz Studio using the Community - Switch Users menu. I don’t know if it helps - it didn’t help me.

If you submit a support ticket you will probably not receive an immediate answer (other than an automatic confirmation that your request has been received) because the support team seems to be swamped with support requests. Try to be patient - the purchase validation system’s integration into Topaz Studio is a new feature that was introduced with Topaz Studio. For most people it works, but there are many cases where it doesn’t. I am also affected and waiting for support help. The support team has to troubleshoot each case individually and figure out what is going wrong. The good news is that the work they are putting into solving people’s problems will make the product better in the long run.

In the meantime, if you own Detail, you should be able to start it from the plug-in menu. If the functionality of Detail overlaps the functionality of adjustments you have purchased, I would ask for a refund for the money you spent on the adjustments.

Thanks Topacres. I tried Switch User this morning with no luck and have submitted a service request. Situation summary: Color Channels and Impressions showing blue, Precision Contract, Precision Detail and DeHaze not showing blue (these 3 adjustments are only showing demo countdown)