PTTB Mother as A Young Girl

From an original black and white family album snapshot print circa 1935.


How did you do this? I have some old photos that are even older that I would like to enhance and/or colorize.

Ahh … a question, and a technical question.

First, a step-by-step pictorial explanation of how this photograph was created, can be found on my website here:

Here is a brief synopsis of the steps taken and the programs used:

  1. Anthropics Portrait Pro (1st pass to generally in prove the portrait).
  2. Topaz Denoise (to denoise).
  3. Topaz AI Clear (to sharpen).
  4. Pixbim Color Surprise AI (1st pass to auto color the photograph).
  5. Anthropics Portrait Pro (2nd pass to alter the skin color and change the background to something multicolored).
  6. Pixbim Color Surprise AI (2nd pass to improve color and work with the new background).
  7. I cropped the photograph to emphasize face and cutout problematic portions of the photo.
  8. I did further work to correct deficiencies in the image (her left eye and right ends of her hair)
  9. In JixiPix Impresso I created two painterly versions of the photo (Artistic Touch was used for the face and Color Strokes for the remaining photo).
  10. Portrait Pro (3rd pass to add painterly catchlights to the eyes).

Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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