PSD Compatibility in Studio

When I open a PSD file in Studio, I get a message telling me I need to enable Maximize Compatibility in PS for PSD files, and the file is not opened. I do maintain Maximize Compatibility enabled, and I do not “Disable Compression of PSD and PSB Files” (another compatibility parm). Can anyone suggest what I’m missing, or otherwise why the PSD files cannot be opened? I thought they were supported.


I believe it means you have to save as a flattened composite. As the Always option will give.

But I am not sure so try to save as flattened and see if that works.

Thanks, Don.

I’m confused, though. By “the Always option”, I assume you refer to the Maximize Compatibility options. I have Maximize Compatibility set to Always, but PSD files are not flattened. This is my standard setting for saving all my layered PSD files.

In Topaz Studio’s change log for the 1.11.4 update back in June it states “we added the ability to open PSD files (requires Compatibility Mode”.

Out of curiosity, though, I saved a PSD and turned off Save Layers in the Save As dialog, thus saving a flat file. When I attempt to open it in PS, I get the same message:

…but it DID load the flat PSD. I didn’t mention that. So if the support for PSD files is only for a flat file, then it would not be of much use. I would sure like to have clarification on the INTENDED file support behavior I see, e.g. layered tiffs are supported (in that they are loaded by Studio), PSDs are supported but not the typical layered files, etc., etc.

But I still don’t understand why I get the message loading a flat PSD.

You will always have incompatibilities with PSD/PSB files in any software that isn’t Adobe.

PSD/PSB is a propriety Adobe standard, you are better off using TIFF as it is an open standard.

Hi Bill. If I understand you correctly, you are asking if Topaz Studio will open the individual layers in created in a layered PSD or layered TIF file. Studio is able to open both PSD and TIF files, but only the flattened images from those layered files, not the individual adjusted layers.

However, if you start in Photoshop, duplicate a layer, send that layer to Topaz Studio, it will return you to Photoshop which you will now have two layers to save in a desired file format.

If you are using Topaz Studio as a standalone, you can open a flattened PSD or TIF file, make adjustments in Studio then you can save in Studio’s proprietary format (like Adobe’s PSD) by saving as a TSP file, which will allow you to go back and re-edit the image in Studio.

Thanks Linda. I suspect your are right in that it will only open a flat PSD. Does seem a little useless as most PSD files are layered (at least in my workflow) unless a separate workflow step saves a flat version just for Studio.

As a level-set point, I’m a long time user of Topaz Plugins and Studio with PS and LR. I don’t expect that Studio would open the layers of any layered file.

My question here has been what exactly Topaz meant by saying they added support for PSD files. I took that to mean that Studio would read a standard layered PSD file and present the flat version of that image in Studio (as it does layered TIFFs) . For me, it will not. And their error message (above) implies that my expectation is correct since Maximize Compatibility in PS is for that express purpose.

Further, the fact that it opens a PSD that was saved flat and still presents the same error message on open is also confusing.

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Ahhh…When Studio was first released, we were not able to open PSD files, and now we can, so I suspect that is what they meant by “added support.” :slight_smile: