PSA to Intel 13900K and 14900K CPU Users with Crashing

PSA to anyone using 13900K and 14900K CPU’s and encountering BSOD and system crashes when performing batch processing like I was for months without a solution. This is a power issue (no limits) that I had with the i9-13900K CPU, when high CPU tasks, motherboard likely ran CPU’s unthrottled and caused BSOD like many gamers are experiencing with latest 12th and 13th generation 13900K and 14900K CPU’s. I updated my motherboard BIOS and enabled Intel profile power limits and no more batch crashes. Hope this helps someone else. Wasn’t my RTX 4090 causing issues or any driver issues.


The same happened to me. It were not only the power limits set wrong to 4096 W long and short which should be set to 125 W long 253 W short for the 13900K. It was also set false to 512 A instead of 307 A according to Intel.


We’ve been sharing this article or something similar with user’s as well. Thanks for sharing this.