PS 2020 will not show Topaz products

I used to have the PS plugin before the last PS update but now have no Topaz plugins. Tries to uninstall Sharpen AI and reinstall plus opened Sharpen AI. Still no plugin. Topaz plugins are in LRC. Can’t see in Preferences/Plugins where to find a missing plugin as was there previously.
Guess my next step is to reinstall PS but all other actions/tools/layers/plugins working.
Looking in Adobe folder I have both 2019 and 2020. PS 2020 has Plugins/generator while PS 2019 has Plugins with my Topaz Denoise .bf present but no others?

Any suggestions would be helpful or I work back in LRC.


Note it wont install to both versions of PS as they are in different folders and only the latest is reported by the system. I believe there is an option in the help menu to reinstall plugins, try that.

Geat. Yes has a shortcut to Topaz URL.CLiCK and the appear. Simple. When you know how.

Thanks for that.