Proteus leaves shimmering colored squares in the video

Proteus manual with 100 reduce noise leaves shimmering greenish and reddish squares in the video.
What steps should i take next to remove this shimmering ?


i didnt want to use traditional denoising techniques, but it looks like theres no other choice.

I went through the video with a KNLMeansCL Light which made the shimmering parts more stable and removed the colored noise artifacts.

Going 1pass with proteus and 2nd pass with KNLMeansCL Light still looks better than using each technique on its own.

traditional denoising method doesnt have to smudge and shift the grainy/noisy parts of the image nearly as much when most of the denoising is done with proteus, which results in more detail left in the image at the end.

Update: using TemporalDegrain2 avisynth script and encoding to AV1 with SVT-AV1 preset 4 resulted in best output with barely any detail loss from denoising, no shimmering or artifacts from denoising.

Also overall faster, since theres no need for multiple passes