Proteus: Improve Detail vs Recover Detail?

I’m new to V4. This might have been answered already somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

What’s the difference between the settings Improve Detail and Recover Detail from a practical point of view?


Recover Detail is a blend of the original video frame—no AI involved to work that filter.
Improve Detail uses the AI to try and make details ‘stand out’. You can set it to 100 to see an extreme example of what it generally does. In my head I remember it as “Makes dark spots and edges more dark and pronounced.”

That makes sense.

Thank you for the information.

“Recover detail” works as reversed Opacity settings in video editing software.
0% means output video is fully AI-generated, 100% - fully original.


which value do you usually use, i noticed by default is 20%?

Improve Detail? Usually around 12. Recover Detail, 0.

I haven’t found any use case where Recover Detail different from zero creates better looking results, at least in my eyes. Additionally, it reduces the rendering performance significantly, which might indicate that it isn’t just a simple mix of the scaled original with the enhanced frame as suggested earlier.

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Does this mean that in V3.5.0 Recover Detail was always 0 then?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. I upgraded from Topaz 2.6 to 4. In 2.6. it didn’t exist. If it was there in 3.5, I don’t know.