Proteus 4 settings I want you to try - tell my your thoughts

I just discovered settings using Proteus (Upscale x2 to 1440x1080) that created an amazing output on my B&W videos. (I did not mark/set the B&W settings in TVAI as it creates blurry output)

I want you to give it a shot and let me know if it works well for you as well on colored and non colored videos.
I have 2 settings I used and I couldn’t decide which one I like better, so I’ll post them both for you to try out and let me know how it works for you.

Settings #1



Settings #2



Maybe my black and white video has a lot more noise than yours.
Settings #1 was pretty bad about baking the noise into a pattern on a white smock.
Settings #2 was better about it. Very acceptable results all around.

I just got done finding settings for an episode of the 1960s Batman. I think Improve Detail at 12 and Sharpen around 25 gave really good results. Everything else about the same as your #2. Well, Reduce Noise at 0, but 5 should not really make any difference.

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here is another one I found worked pretty OK
Nyx Fast Manual - Compression=15, denoise=15, Sharp=20, deblur=30 (the rest at “0”) → x2 Dione TV.
the dione will cleanup any leftover noise that Nyx did not clean up. if you put to high settings in Nyx it reduces quality and details noticeably. that is why I prefer using bit lower settings on Nyx and let Dione TV upscale and cleanup the rest.
If you feel the video comes out to sharp (Dione TV also sharpen during upscale), reduce the sharpness/deblur settings in Nyx fast.

That might work. I tried a few previews, but it keeps previewing a few seconds before where I tell it to. I’ll have to see if I have Doine added to my script.

i use custom values for every video i do but proteus is my goes to and if its really rough ill do a first pass with artemis and set recover detail to between 15-20 and increase scale by 50% of hee final total then run proteus on the now cleaner video to enhance it and finish the upscale