ProRes vs H.264 Input Performance

Has anyone tested the difference (if any) between these two INPUT codecs, as far as render speed is concerned?
I assume there may be a time advantage to keeping the input and output codec the same, but I haven’t the time to test. Thoughts?

Last I heard, the processing has to create individual frames out of the input to process it. So it would be codec → raw image → codec. Tif should be the least amount of processing, but on any computer that can handle TVAI processing, any codec should make no impact on performance.

Thanks for the info.
Was thinking ProRes was lighter compression compared to H.264, also having a M1 Max with the additional ProRes processing unit; that it might have an advantage.

Getting 1 fps using H.264 input. Looking at 2.5 hours worth of de-noise footage 4k @ 59.94 which is like forever. If I can squeeze 2fps I’ll cut my working time in half.

I find on Mac M1 Minis that it seems to render faster when working with ProRes files, of course you want a good SSD drive as well.