Products Update to Admin Account Only

I’ve been experiencing this problem for some time now, when Topaz decided to change its updater a while back. It’s persistent through all Topaz products that I have with the new updater, and the only solution I’ve had is to uninstall and reinstall the program, which is a pain, and now with paid updates, possibly not even an option. The issue is that when updating, the program asks for admin permission and completes the update, but when I close it on my limited account, the program is still the older version and wants to update again. It seems like the program is only updating to the admin account, and not computer wide. I saw one user changed permissions of the program, and then changed them back, and that worked after some fiddling, but was wondering if anyone else had found a better solution. It’s frustrating because the program used to update fine for all accounts before Topaz changed their updater.


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One of the requirements of Windows 10 is that all installs are done using a admin account, this is a link to a product that will allow you to have temporary administrator rights for your account when doing installs.

Make Me Admin:

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