Product performance seems to be deteriorating

Quite dissatisfied. Not worth the efforts.

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Still can’t successfully embed an image in the posts. How can I illustrate the problem if I can’t include photo in post? I followed instructions for posting image, but still returns a error msg stating I can’t post an image. Numerous useless attempts.

garuda, attaching images is simple. Click the little arrow, navigate to the image you wish to upload. I am attaching images to show the progress!



Please also describe the performance issues you are having (type of computer, which Topaz app(s), etc.

Thanks PnP for instructions, but I’ve tried that exact dialog many, many times w no success. The uploaded image DOES get uploaded and the URL is patched into post, and image appears on the right portion of the post before pulling the trigger. But when I click “REPLY” the error message appears and image is not embedded in post.

I’ll it again now.


PnP, it worked this time. But I suspect it’s because I sent a scathing complaint about this to Tech Supp and demanded they fix it so I can report issues and embed the problematic image. They must have done something to my “forum privileges”, since I may be too new to the forum here. Thanks PnP anyway for replying.

PnP, In answer to your final question. Having minor glitches in both DeN & Sharpen. The newer versions seem worse in both dialog interface as well as IQ for most images. Lots of artifacts, fringing, etc. even when not moving the sliders much to improve the IQ.

I have Win 10 Ultimate Pro, dual socket Xeons on ASUS server board, Titan GPU card, 128GB of RAM, 30TB of SSD storage and scratch pad drives. The system is capable of heavy lifting jobs, and compiles the AI comp in less than 10 seconds. I have all the Topaz AI bundles except for Video.

But the sporadic glitches recur unexpectedly w newer versions and IQ isn’t what it used to be w last year’s versions. Mostly w DeN and Sharpen, which I use mostly. I’ll post some more panels w interface and proc glitches.

Glad to see you’re back in business with the attached files.

As for your other reports, keep filing them and the developers will take note. Being a beta tester might be a better path though. You’ve got an impressive rig that is perfect for that!

PnP, I’ve scoured the forum and Topaz website trying to determine what the “Beta Tester” is, what is it they do, and what is are the advantages. I found nothing answering these questions, so I’m lost and did nothing to change my status.

Hypothetically, if I were to accept the title and excel in my Beta Tester performance, will Topaz perk me a new Lambo?

I did a Google :wink: