Processing taking a VERY long time

I have been using the Video AI tool for awhile now and overall have a general understanding of reasonable processing times. However I have one clip that no matter what I do, is estimated 5 -8 hours. I let it run overnight and never finishes, still showing 5 plus hours left of time. The source clip, is 18 minutes at 706 x 480 resolution at 29.97. There are some interlacing issues (not telecine) but even when I turn off any correction for those, it still takes forever. In terms of upscaling I have tried 2x, 4x times, 1280 x 720 and FHD. All using original Pixel Type and all other filters turned off. It was originally cut on an AVID Media Composer about 20 years ago and is an MP4 File. I am trying to output at a ProRes 422 Standard file. Any thoughts or suggestions are very much appreciated.

Please run a benchmark on your system and post the results here, that way we can see your system specs/performance.

It’s under the menu → process → benchmark.

maybe you better try de-interlacing the video as lossless with a 3rd party tool, then feed TVAI with your de-interlaced video and process it as progressive. see if this helps overcoming your processing time.

maybe convert it to pro res before using video ai?