Processing in Topaz Products from Affinity Photo ... Orientation Solved

As anyone who uses Affinity Photo knows that if you pass a portrait orientation image to Affinity Photo it wont rotate correctly … this is because the orientation EXIF data isn’t passed or received correctly. So what happens is it appears like this:

But you can correct this problem by selecting the layer you pass to Studio or TL plugins and then right-clicking and selecting ‘Rasterize…’ this will then rotate the image correctly and pass it to Affinity Photo as you can see in this screenshot …

So, Happy AP’ing!


Thanks Don!

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Don, I use Affinity Photo on a PC and have never had this problem. I just tested a portrait oriented raw file and it went to Studio properly. No problem with jpegs either. There must be something fixable even though your work around may be needed for some.

It actually is concerned with camera settings where you have an option to rotate your images, called Auto Rotate, when the image is taken. If that is set to OFF or to Rotate only on the PC the Rotate instructions are read from the EXIF by applications when they display the image.

In the case of data passed to Studio from Affinity Photo there is an issue with the the EXIF passed so if the EXIF has an “Orientation#” field set to “Rotate 270 CW” it doesn’t happen.

Some people prefer to see Portrait orientation images on their camera fit to the LCD display rather than rotated to landscape because it is larger. It is just a preference for shooting.

So, in my case I don’t have Auto-Rotate set on on my cameras because I like the larger view on the LCD whereas phone images are fine.

Thanks for the info.