Processing 1,000s of images (Batch Processing)

Topaz Photo AI doesn’t allow more than 1,500 images to be processed at a time which seems to be tied to the physical memory / OS of the device that it runs on. After closing a large batch of images the system often hangs or crashes on Windows 11.
I have to run 9,000 - 15,000 photos at a time through it.
It would be good if there was a template batch processing capability allowing for a 1,000 images to be processed before closing the processed images and then automatically loading the next batch once the memory has cleared.
You could load the first image in each batch for the user to set the autopilot settings for each batch with these autopilot settings being saved and then loaded with the relevant batch.
This approach would then allow me to set batches to run over night when power is cheaper and not have my editing rig tied up during the day.

This is an issue we’re actively working on fixing. It’s not related to the physical memory of the device, but rather an internal limit that may be lifted or entirely moved in an upcoming release.

Thank you for answering this question. Also, I find when processing batches of 1,000 photos that the system randomly skips a file and gives me a duplicate of the previously processed file with the missed file name applied. Is this a known issue?