Process To Use MKVTolosNix To Remux Audi From Original File With TVAI Video

Hi There!

Just wondering if someone could point me to the steps or online manual to use MKVToolNix to Create a new Video File with everything from the original file (Audio, Subtitles, Chapters, etc.) except the video with the processed video from TVAI.

Is there anything that I need to do to ensure that all my Audio & Subtitles stay in sync with the TVAI processed Video? Or will that just sort of happen automatically when you select all the items from the 2 video files (Original & TVAI Processed) to output to a new file?

Thanks In Advance

Yeah it just happens automatically.
I use the CLI, so mkvmerge.exe, but if you use the GUI, it’s pretty simple. I usually have to use the GUI to figure out the command to use the CLI anyway.
Here’s a simple video. I right-click and pick ‘Add files’ to open the original and processed videos. The original is blue and the AI processed one is green:

I just uncheck the blue video item and click ‘Start multiplexing’

You’ll notice the the language of the new video is und for undefined. You can use all the stuff on the right to change that how you want. The more you explore MKVToolNix, the more nifty features you find. It is a little intimidating though.