Process for editing images from lightroom to photo AI and back


I haven’t purchased Photo AI yet but I am wanting to understand the export process better. I currently shoot on a Sony A7C ii and would like to add photo AI to my flow. My raw images are around 35MB currently. What I am concerned about is that Photo AI exports look to be large after edits.

Is this still the case because it must be converted to DNG or can it now be exported as a RAW and thus keeping the file size the same? And should I be converting to DNG on LR import and then using that file? Also, any idea how large the file could end up if I do have to convert to DNG?


When you use Topaz Photo AI to edit your Sony RAW files, the application exports the edited images as DNG files. This is the default format for exporting edited RAW files in Topaz Photo AI. Since DNG is a format based on RAW, it preserves more data and allows for further adjustments in other editing programs like Lightroom Classic.

The file size of the exported DNG can vary depending on the edits you apply and the complexity of the image. In general, DNG files are larger than your original RAW files because they contain both the original image data and the changes made by Topaz Photo AI. It is important to note that the file size difference depends on your specific edits and the image’s content.

We have some more information on our Topaz Labs Documentation page that I will link below for you :slight_smile: