Proc Engine Error - Error Code: 2004

I am getting an error message for Proc Engine Error - Error Code: 2004
Failed to create TFxHslAdj
The plug-in has encounterred an error, and it will terminate.
Please contact our techincal support with the dumped trace file, or Search Topaz Knowledge Base for possible solution.

This happens when trying to launch Topaz Clarity.

Any ideas how to fix this?

TQ-Main() Define - begin - Sat May 12 17:57:57 2018
TQ-Main() - load Translator - 0x7ff6bc343870
TQ-Main() - load Translator, end - en_US
TQ-Main(), get param from IPC - 0x7ff6bc343870
TQ-Main(), get param from IPC - end - 0x1d932b80000
TQ-Main(), get image from IPC - 0x7ff6bc343870
TQ-MainWindow::MainWindow() - 0x7ff6bc343870
MyMainWindow::doPreProgressProc() - 0/1000
Error - Proc Engine Error - Error Code: 2004

If you are trying to access Clarity from Lightroom you will need to download and install the latest version of Topaz Studio or Fusion Express from the download page. Clarity is a plugin not a standalone application so it needs a host such as Fusion Express 2 or Topaz Studio.

I am trying to use it through Photoshop. I’ve been able to do so up until a recently.

Install Studio and use the Clarity that has been upgraded from the standard plugin. Those plugins will no longer be upgraded so the upgrade to Studio is your best option.

Through Studio you will have access to both the upgrade and any old plugins you may have installed. The latest upgrade to Photoshop may have caused problems.

Note that Studio is free and can be downloaded from:

I haven’t upgraded PS and I have continued to try and use Studio, but it continues to crash my computer.

If you can’t use studio you probably have an issue with your GPU, either not supported or drivers not up to date.

If you have uninstalled and reinstalled Clarity and other Plugins you have before posting here, just go to the Plugins link above and raise a technical support request.

Your other thread shouldn’t have been closed- some users don’t like Studio and want to keep using their prior plugins without it. There were issues with pre-Studio plugins that Topaz wouldn’t fix because of their focus on Studio.
I’ve had problems like yours with Clarity and Restlyle crashing- uninstalling and reinstalling would help for awhile, but problems reoccurred. The last updated stand alone plugins changed installation paths which I attribute to the instability.
So, I went back to the prior versions which have been stable- find here-
So, the only help you will get from Topaz is to be told to use Studio instead. This is a disservice to long time customers who paid for plugins that now get no support.

Support is still available for plugins through the link above in Need Help? …

Yes AiDon, I’ve been down that road and hit the dead end of flaws in the plugins that are no longer being worked on by Topaz. Why I suggested more stable prior versions if not wanting to use Studio.

I think what @Rondo249 is referring to here is the fact that Clarity 1 will not be updated again, but some customers either cannot or do not want to use Studio. While we do want everyone to be able to use our products in the manner they prefer, there are tradeoffs to longtime policies that Topaz has promised to uphold for all our customers, like free updates. This policy will not change, which requires some compromise, particularly that we cannot reasonably maintain older versions of products. OS updates, driver updates, and other system-related changes may happen after the last date that a previous version was updated, that might break the software. In cases like that, we will not make any changes to the software to correct the problem, simply because we do not have the resources. We’re a small team of just 11 people and we must prioritize current versions over previous versions. It has always been this way. When we updated ReMask 4 to ReMask 5, the previous version no longer received updates. In fact, you cannot install ReMask 4 to Mac OS X 10.11 and newer, and we never updated that version to fix it. Instead, you would be met with the suggestion to use ReMask 5. Why wouldn’t you – the updates are free!

Here are some recommendations to try to avoid the Error 2004 message:

  1. Reduce the size of your input image
  2. Convert your image to a different supported RGB colorspace: sRGB, ProPhoto RGB, Adobe RGB, etc.
  3. Add an exception to Clarity 1 or ReStyle 1 in your Antivirus software

Topaz Studio is where all future development will take place, including updates to existing products. Studio allows us to be responsive to customer requests, fix problems shared between products, and quickly introduce new features and adjustments. While we’d love to be able to have our cake as well as eat it, the world just isn’t so kind to the passion we hold, making the tools we do, so our customers can create wonderful works of art.