Problems with RAW files in Denoise AI

The Denoise AI program works great with .jpg and .Tif files, but it does some strange things when trying to work with RAW files. This is the result of one of them, and this is common with all I’ve tried:

This is what I get when I convert the RAW file to a 16-bit TIF using DxO then running the .TIF file through Denoise:

I get the same results with any RAW file, whether I convert them to .DNG or .TIF files. Is there a setting I’m missing, because I have read that this program works very well with RAW files. The Raw file here is from a Canon camera, but I have the same results with a Panasonic.

If you are talking about the lack of tone curve in the top one, this is known. It’s best to develop the RAW picture in a photo program and then choose Denoise AI, etc as a plugin and run it. The top picture is what a normal RAW picture looks like from the camera since they don’t have any processing applied.

Yes nothing new It’s well known you need to use an external RAW processor and export to TIFF or DNG
perhaps one day !