Problems with batch processing of the program Topaz

When I open many photos, the program produces errors in some photos. Installing an older version doesn’t change anything.
Question about autopilot operation. Is it possible to permanently save your own settings in it? Because he uses automatic ones every time.
DxDiag.txt (128.2 KB)

I just batch processed like 20 pictures and had no problems…I am using windows 10…

The problem only occurs when uploading ORF photos (Raws from OM-1). There is no problem with other formats with any number of photos.

i batch processed 100 or so and the program literally freezes after a few. Maybe when the list is too long. It remains frozen, jusst occasionally it does pictures and updates the UI. (to the “wait for response?” error) It has become incredibly slow. It took HOURS to finish.
It didn’t do that before. Not sure if that’s related to the horrible new workflow nuke UI.

Also whatever you set face improvement to in autopilot references (only on low quality) it is always applied. The oiption doesn’t work. And outside actual low quality images, it just makes faces blurry and plasticky…

I actually logged in to get an older version of photo ai. Both issues needs fixing. Please don’t try to constantly re-invent the UI wheel. And batch processing is unusualble for more images…

If you are still experiencing problems please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

The problem is still the same - but I got tired of writing e-mails. I am currently using Topaz as a plugin and using Tiff files. There is no problem here.
However, the program can be annoying. It can “analyze/process” a photo over and over again so that nothing can be done. Sometimes it finally loads… Another thing. Why are the loaded photos in random order and cannot be sorted? If possible, how to do it?