Problem with Topaz Sharpen Ai 3.0.1 and NVidia RTX 3080

I recently upgraded my system to Acer Predator, Windows 11 OS, with 48 Gb Ram and NVidia RTX 3080 Graphics Card. I am using Topaz Sharpen Ai 3.0.1. In Topaz Sharpen preferences if I set it to use the graphics card the result is very poor. It updates and processes very fast, much faster than if I set preferences to CPU, but the resulting picture is not sharpened nearly as well and also it has severe halos especially around the main subject. I am processing 50-60Mb Nikon images usually after doing some pocressing in Photoshop Camera raw and then opening in Photoshop main… If I use the CPU to process, the picture comes out beautifully but takes a fair amount longer to process than when I set it to use GPU. This happens whether I use Topaz Sharpen as a Photoshop plugin or as a stand alone. With GPU it processes in seconds, with CPU it takes over a minute to do each picture. I am using the most up to date drivers for the graphic card. I have tried both studio drivers and gamer drivers and it makes no difference. I am wondering if I need to upgrade to a more recent version of Topaz Sharpen or if there is some other issue.

The latest version is 4.1 if you have a current upgrade plan it is included in that plan. If not raise a support request at the main website.

I followed AiDon’s advise and raised a support request on the main website. They were quick to respond and I wound up updating to the latest version of Sharpen, Denoise and Gigapixel. That solved the issue and photos processed with the graphic card now come out the same as with the CPU. Both look great, the way they are supposed to. I must add that the support person that dealt with me was very helpful solved my issue quickly and efficiently.

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