Problem with DNG files from Denoise AI 3.7.1

Good morning,
This message is to tell you about a difficulty I have with DenoiseAI 3.7.1, which I don’t think has been mentioned.
When I process a RAW image from my Sony RX10IV and save it in DNG format in order to keep all the information it is not readable by the ART software (Another RawTherapee), and is not editable with capture one express 22, where it also appears with greenish colouration. I downloaded version 3.7.1-rc1 to try but the problem persists. This problem did not exist at all with the dng files from denoise ai v3.6.1
I found a partial solution by converting the dng file from version denoise AI v3.7.1-rc1 with Adobe DNG converter software, because ART (Another RawTherapee) can then process the new dng file, However, the one express 22 capture software is unable to modify it.
How do I get the version of denoise ai 3.7.1 to generate exploitable dng files like those generated by version 3.6?
Thank you very much.

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I have the same problem. Light room as well Capture one is not able to open this dng files.

Many months later, and seems this is still an issue.