Problem Masking in Studio2 texture

I cannot create a mask in Studios’s Texture filter. It just doesn’t do anything.

Also, if I do create a mask in some other filters and copy it, I can paste it successfully in all the other filters EXCEPT the texture filter.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?idea how to fix this? The same problem happens whether the image is a .tif or a .ts2.

To copy a Mask to the Texture Filter you need to click on the Mask Icon in the Texture Filter entry, then paste the Mask:


Then Click on the Header again to get the Textures …

If you want to reedit the mask just click on the Mask Icon on the Filter.


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Thanks Don. This is really weird because I thought that is exactly what I had been doing - the same as using a mask with any other filter. But this time, it did work with the texture filter whereas it had not before. I wish I knew what I had done differently. Duh!

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Don I wish there was a masking tutorial that made was and made sense. I hate it now that Photo FX is no longer supported, I love the masking abilities in that part of the software. Personally I think Studio 2 isn’t cutting the mustard.

Try this one:

And also search for Topaz Studio 2 masking on YouTube.