Problem encountered in Topaz Photo AI v1.0.10 and Sharpen AI v4.1.0

Hi, I recently purchase the license for Topaz Photo AI, Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, DeNoise AI. I had encountered some problem that is critical to me. Kindly advise how to resolve it or if it is a bug. For problem 2, I can process each image individually but it get extremely tedious when there is more than hundreds of photo…

Problem 1: Topaz Photo AI v1.0.10 always detect the resolution of the Canon raw .cr3 file incorrectly. The image is a 24MP (6000 x 4000) .cr3 file from R6 Mark II but it always show as 5999 x 3999 (refer to the image below).

Problem 2: Batch processing of .tif files in Sharpen AI v4.1.0 does not work as expected (Whole image was sharpened despite selecting “Auto-Subjects”). However, for Single image processing, I am able to create and save a picture with no background artifact after selecting “Auto-Subjects”.
I will illustrate my problem below.
For Batch Processing, I am unable to create and save a picture which sharpen the Subject only. For some reason the background of the image was also sharpen despite applying “Auto-Subjects” to all .tif images.

The preview window does not show any sharpening of the background but when I save it, I see it inside the final images. Other images in this batch had their background sharpened too in the output file. It seems that the “Auto-Subjects” somehow did not work as expected when processing multiple files and saving of multiple files???
The image with background sharpening is shown below:

For Single image processing, I was able to create and save a picture which sharpen the Subject only. The background of the image was not sharpen.
I loaded in the single image into Sharpen AI v4.1.0 for Post Processing. The Original picture before sharpening is shown below:

After post processing, I saw that artifact (background sharpening) was introduced into the image background:

I selected “Auto-Subjects” and it detected the subject (bird) successfully:

Next after I save the image indeed, only the subject was sharpened:

Thank you.

I have this problem too, or at least one very similar to it.

When batch processing images in Sharpen AI, if I set the first image to Select: Auto - Subjects, subsequent images will have the whole image selected. (Auto - Subjects will be displayed, but the subject mask won’t be calculated unless I reset to ‘Custom’ and then back to Auto - Subjects for each individual image. Which slightly defeats the point of batch processing … :slight_smile: )

Hoping someone has some advice …