Private Message Functionality?


Did the re-design of the Discussion Forums eliminate the DM capability?

I had a question (or 2) that I didn’t want to post in the general forums… However, I don’t see the little envelope symbol in the upper right under my acct icon where it used to be.


As far as I can tell, everything is as it was.

Yes it is there:

Gee, thanks guys! I’ll have to find that. It can be my Earth Day hunt, since it’s past Easter egg hunt day.

I thought it had been to the left of the bookmark symbol before (see snip) This is where I’d looked and this is all I saw:

Thx for the replies!

I’m feeling really dense. This is the other place I looked and no envelope (oops had to block personal info):

Just looked again. Man, there are scavenger hunts and scavenger hunts. I don’t see what you’re seeing anywhere, Don… I clicked on my avatar and through all the pages associated with my acct and prefs.

That was just clicking on your avatar in a post.

Your account page should have this on the right (Expand is only if you have a description)

What did someone else say once before in this forum, “Ruh roh”…

I only have the word Expand on my acct. Not Message or Admin.

I have the same problem. No reference to DM anywhere. And I too only have “Expand” on my account…
When I click on an avatar there is no longer a “Message” button. Strange…

Don, I no longer have a message icon either.

I shall check and get back to y’all …

Ah I see, it got disabled auto-magically when we enabled the read-only maintenance mode the other day. And apparently the inverse magic is not available to re-enable it…

Also, We are planning to take the forums offline this afternoon to hopefully finalize the upgrade and all that.


Are you all able to see DM or PM functionality now?

test test test. This is a test.


No, I still can’t see PM or DM.

Whoa, the site looks completely different! Is it supposed to be “noir” or did my system do something funky?

No, Russell, still can’t see the DM or PM icon/functionality either.

The way the messages come up on the dark forum (oooh, that sounds like an underworld of hackers somehow…) they sorta ooze onto the screen. Very ghostly and surreal! Cool

Looks like the only PM/DM ability we have is to click on the user icon of the person we wish to send a message to and that brings up a message button. Our in-boxes are no longer visible.

But most of us can’t see the message button, Kathy. You and Don can - perhaps because you’re moderators.


I don’t have PM/DM either, maybe tomorrow