Printing from Topaz Studio

Hi folks. I’m a new Topaz user and loving the product! I am struggling with a good workflow for getting to print, though. I am a Mac user. I’ve been exporting to jpeg, and then printing from Preview, but this doesn’t allow much control. For instance there is no way to apply color profiles (which I am still learning about).

I’m wondering if anyone has successful workflows they would care to share?

You need to find an external printing program. I use Qimage but that is only for windows. Topaz don’t have it a printing options and most of the programs like that they have very small options in printing.

Try Qimage One for Mac - it’s a great printing product.

Yes. “Qimage One” is low version of “Qimage” and is a still good program.
There is a Settings of “Qimage One” on Youtube Plus other reviews.
If you print at home a lot this is a program to go.
There is a 14 days trial on this program…

Check The Youtube Link Below…

I will check out Qimage for sure. Thank you Joe and Peter, for the suggestion.

No Problem