Prince or Wales Hotel

This photo was taken from a slide taken in the late 90’s. I digitized it and then used Topaz Impression to acquire the finished product. This is my first attempt at entering a photo so I hope my sizing is usable.


Lovely editing of a beautiful scene

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very nice work on a different perspective of the hotel than is normally seen

An impressive image.

This is a gorgeous scene…great job.

What did you use to digitize?

I use an Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanner. At the time of purchase it was Epson’s top of the line scanner. I bought it because of the ratings and the fact that it will hold 12 slides at a time. I am just finishing up scanning 4000 slides for a relative and am scanning using 2400 dpi with excellent results. I have found that scanning any larger than that is useless. I hope this helps.

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Yes thank you. I’ve got a slide collection I’d like to scan, at least selectively, someday.

One of my alternative ideas is to use a macro lens at 1:1. Not as good as a good scanner, but maybe good enough for my needs. Plus, once done, I end up with a useful lens rather than an expensive scanner I might not use often.

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Beautiful setting, capture and treatment …

I would like to thank all those who responded favorably to this post. I really appreciate it!

Epson makes a scanner that will scan 4 slides at a time that makes just as good scans as their top of the line scanner and it only costs $200 or so. It’s the V600 model. You could always scan your slides and then sell the scanner. Just a thought.

Looks like the V550 would be pretty much equal for slides and film and is even lower cost.

That’s a great “re-cycle” of the old image - and thank’s for the info on scanners - mine died recently