Previous Project in Top Right Corner & new location for Close all Images

I don’t want an image of the previous image or project to appear in the Top Right Corner. I have absolutely no interest or use for this.

However, other people might, so please make the appearance of this an OPTION.

I would rather have you pay attention to the constant and infuriating needless changes to the User Interface, like the icon for closing all of the Images, which is no longer where it was in prior versions.

With the immediately prior and current 2.3.2 I could not find the Close all Images icon, which was always on the right hand side of the file row. Worked fine for closing a single file, or all of them.
So I searched all over the page until I found I had to go to the File (pull down menu).

First of all, this takes more mouse clicks than the prior position. Second, we users spent countless time and version after version having this command in one place. How would you like to be forced to relearn a particular vocabulary, or learn a new place for the turn signal knob in your car?

How many times do developers have to be told:

DO NOT CHANGE positions of icons labels etc. for no good reason. This is based on science, we like all mammals learn locations, maps, because this is vital for survival. Whether we are talking bees, birds, predators, or prey. Wolves travel long distances and have to remember how to get home with food for their children. They memorize the den location and the paths they take when they hunt.

For us, just remember how long it take to not go back to the old location of whatever you have changed in your home. Perhaps a change in the organization of the silverware drawer, or the location of your office in a tall building. Do you still press the wrong button for the floor of your office when you are distracted by conversation on the elevator ?

Go ahead change the underlying engine as much as necessary, but DO NOT change the User Interface except when absolutely necessary. We do not want to waste time looking for things when they are no longer where we have come to expect them. Especially DO NOT change their location.

If you pay attention this advice, users will love you ! ! ! ! Far better than if they curse you for wasting their time.

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Thanks for this feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to share these thoughts and I understand your points about pathing with learned behavior and will talk with the devs about these comments.