Previous problems with AI suite of plugins

I own most of the legacy plugins from Topaz. After upgrading my hardware less than a year ago I viewed your hardware/software requirements to run the new AI based plugins and my PC was more than capable of handling the load. However, when I downloaded and installed these plugins, the majority either just crashed or only partly worked with some options not functioning. It was only after posting to the forums that the Administrator informed me that NVIDIA RTX graphics cards were not supported. There was no mention of this in the hardware requirements list. A very big and convenient omission in my opinion.

Have these issues been resolved, or are there still on-going problems?

Could you direct me to that post please.

Also make sure your driver is up to date from the NVIDIA website.

Also please detail your environment including OS version, RAM, GPU/vRAM and driver version.

What programs are you actually having issues with, especially the crashes.