Preview problem in Video AI 3.0, need hotfix!

Hi, if i using preview on various enhanced video, somethimes Preview is complete wrong and useless.
It’s take one Enhanced frame and original frame is another, it doesnt fit. Thats some problem in code, this not happened in 2.6.x.
Need hotfix!


After two updates, this problem still still occur. When this will be solved?

3.0.7. and preview is still bad… this new version is still useless :-/
Is this sooo big problem to solve ?? I want only to match the frames!
I don’t belive this is not a problem for anybody else

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No idea if you have a tool for doing it, but this seems to come from the mismatch between DVD frame rate requirements and the original frame rate of the video. If you can, re-encode the video to it’s original frame rate before it was put on a DVD.

All the movies that I have done this to, no longer have a mismatch in the preview window.

I’ve run into this problem. It’s a bug.

I just used 480p files.

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This is not problem of video file. In Topaz Video Enhance 2.6.4. these video files are ok and app works well.
This is bug in new version 3.x.x

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Well, wouldn’t go so far as to say Preview worked ‘well’ in 2.6.4, but at least it wasn’t hopelessly broken, as it is now. :smiley:

What really needs to happen, is that Preview needs to follow the cursor. I want to place the cursor somewhere on the timeline, press Preview, and get to see two comparative views from that point (and not from the beginning). I cannot stress how important a properly working Preview is, and how odd it truly is that they’re leaving it in this state, for this long.

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I agree. I also gave you a possible messy fix—to be used until they get the real fix in.

Funny you should say that. That’s actually the reason I started converting DVDs to their original frame rate in the first place. The preview and final result in 2.6.4 would periodically place frames out of order.