Pressing the escape key shuts Topaz Studio Down?

I was working on an image. Wanted to try out the Focal Blur adjustment I had just purchased. It’s new to me so when I made a mistake to the blur I automatically hit the escape key. Topaz Studio Shut down. Surprised, I restarted Topaz Studio and hit the esc key and sure enough Studio shut down again.

Is this normal behavior? Does it have a reason.

Thanks, Barb

I just tried and did the same thing for me. But, to back out of a mistake CTRL-Z on the PC and I assume Command-Z on the Mac is the accepted convention to go back 1 step each time that CTRL-Z is entered.

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This is normal behavior for Studio … but totally unexpected in the context of normal application usage and IMHO should be corrected, but I am simply a user.

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Unexpected in a way that can cause the loss of an image.

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Ctrl-Z is undo. Esc is I need yo get out of what I’m doing. I don’t think I expect ESC to exit me from a program?

I may be wrong but when using ESC… it is meant to quit a program, and using Ctrl-Z with revert it back to the original image.
If you find that you applied a result you did not like to an image … just use the Undo and Redo buttons at the bottom of the adjustment panel.

Well the issue with studio is it is a destructive exit … just exits with no warning.

To see normal use of the ESC key try LR, PS or office programs.

I understand your point. But I normally would use Undo/Redo or Ctrl-Z to correct a mistake before considering using ESC, but agree that there should be a warning if using ESC.

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