Preset not displaying with their categories

Topaz Studio was working fine. I purchased all the Pro adjustments. Install went fine. However; if click on the arrow beside studio I see Basic, Conceptual Landscape etc, but if I click on any of the sub tabs nothing happens - none of the presets are displayed. Click on Clarity and I sub menus (Architecture, Documentary etc) but click on Architecture and no presets are displayed. Same thin with Glow.

The presets are there somewhere as if I click on all, I get six pages of presets displayed. Favorite works, Like works, My Effects works, Recent works.

I have deleted Topaz and reinstalled - did not solve the problem. I check ed for updates and adjustment updates.

MacBook Pro, Seirra 10.12.6, Topaz Studio 1.6.10.

I have contacted support but doubt I will hear anything until Tuesday at the earliest. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Do you own the plugins for Clarity or Glow or any of the other that may be shown on that left hand side menu? They will only be activated if you do. They are upgraded versions of the full plug-ins. If you do not own them, only the Adjustment equivalents will be and only to the extent the Pro version offers.

Yes I do but even if I didn’t the presets under basic which were present before purchasing the pro adjustments no longer show up. Before I purchased the pro adjustments the clarity presets showed up.

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Have you tried running Check for Adjustment Updates under the Help Menu?

Yes. I have done that multiple times both before and after I deleted Studio and re-install Studio.

The only other thing I can offer (I’m not a Mac user) is that when you uninstall try by deleting the user database files (User Database Files (presets, login, favorites) which should be in the “/Library/Application Support/Topaz Labs/Topaz Studio/QML/” directory when you delete Studio.

Note that after you reinstall you will need to Login which will then Synchronize your Adjustments etc.

This usually works for Win users when the database files are corrupted.

Thanks, I will give that a try.

Found the “/library/Application Support/Topaz Labs” directory, but there is not “Topaz Studio/QML” directory. Not sure if this is a Mac vs Windows difference or if something is really screwed up.

I wonder if the last update to IOS changed permissions and the installer cannot install to the correct directories. Check the permissions on the “/library/Application Support/Topaz Labs” directory that you have full read & write access … if you don’t change the permissions, if you do you will need to wait for support to come up with help.

Not sure what they should be but they are:
System - Read-write
Wheel - read-write
Everyone - read

I also don’t think it is OS related. Studio was working fine before purchasing and installing the pro adjustments and updated to the latest version of Studio.

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I use a Mac 10.11.6 and the Topaz Studio 1.6.10 QML folder does appear for me.

Thanks. Hmm. I have Studio and no Topaz Studio folder. I own Glow and no Glow folder. I own Topaz Impression and no Impression folder. I own texture Effects and no texture Effect folder (but have no issues using Texture Effects.)

Hopefully support can get this straightened out on Tuesday.

I have exactly the same problem, even though I did not purchase Pro Adjustments and I use Windows 10.
Favorite, Like, etc, work, but not the other groups of presets which are under Studio.

Sorry for that but good to know I am not the only one. Thinking the latest version of Studio is the culprit.

dga17, you might just be right re latest version of Studio.

I had a support ticket for this issue. Support contacted me, took control of my MacBook, copied two files to a different location which solved the problem. Sorry that I can;t give a better description as exactly what was done. Bottom line is the problem is solved.

This was likely done by our development team to test a fix. We’ll be fixing it for everyone soon.