Precision Detail in Topaz Studio is "wonky"

Forgot to check community site on Topaz website. I have exactly the same problem that started some time in April-May and continued through the release of Topaz Studio 2 and Topaz Adjust AI. Just recently reinstalled (on top of the existing version) my Mac OS and then wiped all files that have to do with Topaz
find / -iname "*topaz*" -exec rm -rf '{}' \;

Nothing, absolutely nothing helps. I’ve delayed processing so many photos until this bug is fixed but we are into 8th month of no fix for this issue with 2 tickets (188460 and 179317) open with support in the past. I own every single Topaz product and this is the worst part of my experience lately. Precision Detail is one of the key tools I always used.

If anyone was able to solve this, I would really appreciate help as nobody is responding to comments in support tickets.

Upgrading to Topaz 2 v2.2.0 finally fixed it for me!

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I am on 2.2.0 still exactly the same issue. :frowning:

If you are running on Mac have you upgraded to Catalina. Topaz closed my bug report on distortion in Precision Details by saying it was fixed in Catalina. Sure enough, after I upgraded the problem has gone away in both Studio and Adjust AI. Seems to have been due to interaction between Topaz software and MacOS.

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So still a bug somewhere in Topaz software as far as I’m concerned as no other plugin or software stopped to function but Precision Detail. Unfortunately, I can’t update MacOS as my scanner is no longer supported due to 32bit support being dropped.