Precision Contrast - Studio Classic vs Studio 2

When I open Precision Contrast on an image in Studio Classic, it comes in with all the settings zeroed out and if I compare to the original image, they are the same until I start changing sliders. When I do the same in Studio 2 with all the sliders zeroed out, there is a difference between the image and the original right off the bat. To be clear no other filters/adjustments are involved, just Precision Contrast. In Studio 2 it affects reds, blues, yellows, and greens. It brightened grass and trees and yellows but darkens reds and blues. I would expect that with all the sliders zeroed out, it would change nothing as in Studio Classic. Anyone else notice this? Is it an anomaly?

I do not have a Studio Classic, but in Studio 2.2.0 with Precision Contrast the picture actually changes, which should not be. This is another new bug. It is a pity that this forum is almost dead and there is no one to force developers to fix all the errors.

Thanks for the confirmation. I send a support ticket in. I’ll see if I get a response.