Potential Speed Boost

Suggestion possibly a speedier method…process each module independently.

The user starts with Balancing Color. User adjusts color to taste. The app only processes the Balancing Color – nothing else.

Then the user chooses to adjust Adjusting Lighting. Again, the app only processes the Adjusting Lighting module only. Sole objective – speed up processing time.

Next the user Remove Noise. The app only updates the slider which was adjusted and only references the other sliders as they remain unchanged. What I am trying to say is that ideally, only the changed slider is recalulated because the others have remained unchanged. Then user pushes APPLY button which then combines all of the components of Remove Noise – requires more processing time.

Next the user Sharpening Subject. Again, only those sliders contained within Sharpening Subject are processed.
***One additional request to Sharpening Subject, provide the user with the ability to add additional focus squares which the app did not sense.

User next selects Preserve Text. Same as above applies here.

Lastly, the user adjusts Upscaling. When adjusting this componet, it updates ALL modules. This will be time consuming.

Thank you for listening.

  I would guess that in many cases, each process is affected by the results of other processes so changing one parameter surely requires other processes to be redone.

  But your post is not very far off from a thought I have had, different enough from yours that I think I will start another thread to bring up my thought…

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Yes, in theory that would make the processing time much faster but in practice each parameter affects all the others. Our developers are investigating potential solutions though.