Possible to install and use two different versions of Photo AI?

Is it possible to install two versions (for instance 1.0.1 and 2.3.2) on the same PC? I seem to be getting better results (cleaner, crisper) with 1.01 on some images.

cant photo ai be told to use older models like video ai? i swear i saw it could…

that said you could do it i imagine. just give them different install folders and they should both work just fine but probably not both at the same time so one night have to be closed but that would be something license based and you would need to try and see for yourself.

I thought about that already, but when you start the installer, you can’t select the install folder.

BTW, why does the installation take such a long time? You download a 700MB file, but then during the installation it continues to download stuff for another 20+ minutes.

You can only run one version on your machine at a time as the activation process for the license will null any other version running.

It’s fine if I only can run one at a given time.

But would it possible to install two versions, and then choose which one to run? With version 1.0.1 I’m getting better image quality, but version 2.4.0 is much faster.

So, I would use 1.0.1 when I need quality, and version 2.4.0 when I quickly need to do some edits.

Look at this thread:

(this is with TVAI but the sandboxie approach should work with TPAI as well).

Can the ability to have multiple versions installed be made available? After versions 2.4, 3.0, and 3.0.1, I don’t want to upgrade from 2.3.2 just to go through another uninstall/reinstall cycle again.

It is not possible to run multiple versions on your machine.