Position of status bar

In 1.4.3. we got

  • Redesigned status bar, moving it into the right panel

Having used PhotoAI on so many pics I got used to

  1. make my selections on the right,
  2. have my eye search for the slider (split image view) and
  3. position the mouse pointer onto it, then
  4. dragging the slider to the left while observing the nearby progress bar on the left.
    WIth the progress bar on the right my eye is now forced to make a big jump to the right, after having grabbed the slider on the left.
    My request: Offer the user the choice for progress bar on the right or on the left (former position).

@antoine.weis Thanks for writing in.

We moved the progress indicator to be more consistent with the rest of the image settings as well as to make some space for a new UI change that will make batch processing more intuitive.

I’ll bring this up but I don’t think it makes sense for us now unfortunately.