Popup dialogue box in gigapixel ai v6.3.3 whilst using photoshop

When I open gigapixel from Photoshop the popup dialogue box (you’ve launched the Topaz Gigapixel Ai plugin) often comes to the front and stays there so you have to work around it. You cannot close it until you’ve finished with gigapixel. It is very irritating. I am assuming this box is from gigapixel not photoshop?

The notice is from the PS plug-in and it will close automatically when you return to PS it will only come to the front if you have focus on PS.

You cannot close that dialog as it protects the plug-in process to completion.

I’m having the same issue at the moment, if you touch it to move it, it pops you back to the photoshop window, its even in front of this chrome window as I’m typing this message,

Thank you but more often than not it pops up without even touching anything. It’s as soon as I click GIGApixel. It’s not everytime but far too often. Very annoying

It would help if it could be minimised at least.