Poor Performance with Photo AI


I am using Photo AI to improve noisy photos shot in poor lighting. I’m always shooting RAW to yield the best results.

However, Photo AI runs REALLY slow on my computer. Exporting a single CR2 RAW file with the standard denoise, sharpen and facial recovery can take between 1-2 minutes per image. When exporting a batch of photos (Say 50 or 60), it can take well over an hour. Cameras used are a Canon 5D IV/1DXII/6DII.

I switched the AI processor to the GPU, but speeds didn’t improve that much.

My computer is a custom machine which is a fair bit beefier than the “system requirements”. Specs below.

Ryzen 5600X
32GB DDR4-3200 (2x16)
Samsung 980 PRO 1TB
Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB

Can this be improved by upgrading the hardware, or am I stuck?

Thanks in advance!

Can you check which Raw Remove Noise model is getting used? The Strong model has a bug currently that is causing it to run on the CPU only which is slow. We are working on a solution to get it working on the GPU again which will hopefully be added in the next 1-2 weeks so it processes quickly.

Are you using upscaling with these images as well? That can significantly increase the processing speed as well.

Yes, it is “Strong” RAW which is causing slowdowns. How will I know when the bug has been repaired?

The simplest way is to keep updating Topaz Photo AI. You can check the release notes to see if we have added the Raw Remove Noise - Strong GPU models back. That should be in the release this Thursday, given there are no bugs during testing.