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hi everyone, a little update on my recovery… feeling better, but not 100% yet. able to walk pretty good, still working on my eyesight and being able to use the fine motor skills of my left hand i miss you ALL veery much.
i’m trying to get backing doing the things i loved doing before, but trees still a bit if a learning curve for me to get there .
i 'm in the market to getting a new digital point an shoot camera that is pocket size. i am looking for recommendations if anyone on the forum is using one that they are very happy with.i would like some type of zoom feature, but mainly interested in picture quality so if anyone can recommend a very good brand or specific model, that would be great.
thank you all, i can’t wait to getting back to taking photos, processing them and being active on the forum again, i really miss you all very much!
ps, thanks to kathy for helping me learn how to post a new topic again


Hi John, I do not know much about point and shoot cams but I wanted say that I am glad to hear from you and that you are making progress with your recovery. We are all looking forward to see posts from you.
All the best Peter

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Good to hear from you, John. For travel and convenience I use a Panasonic Lumix TZ100. Image quality is very impressive and the zoom range more than adequate.

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Glad to hear you are doing better John.

John, nice to hear you are recovering. As to a P&S, I’ve had good success in the past with the Canon G cameras. I also wonder about using your phone in the interim if fine motor skills still an issue: their touch screens make accessing controls very easy and newer phones have excellent cameras. I shot a whole tour of Ireland on my iPhone 7+ and was very happy with the results. Also editing on the go with Snapseed was a breeze.

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I have had some excellent captures with the Canon G9X (1 inch Sony sensor) and it is so easy to tote around in case you get caught without your main camera. Touch-screen enabled; modest zoom range. I highly recommend the FlipBac grip that I added (as shown). Makes it easy to position with one hand.


Hi John!

I like the above recommendations, I have used lumix before and it worked very well.

Have you tried phone camera? What type do you have?

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Hi John, I only get on here occasionally, so I don’t know what has happened. I am happy to hear you are recovering and I wish you my sincere thoughts. As for cameras, Panasonic Lumix are great point and shoot. I have owned them for years as my waterproof go to’s. They are lightweight, waterproof and drop proof. I dropped one onto a concrete pier one day - missed the cam bag - and no problem. Still shoots as it did before.

Only thing with Panasonic Lumix is you have to be careful to choose your lens. Make sure it is a Leica lens, not a Lumix lens.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, John.

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Thanks for the camera tip and link, much appreciated

thanks seabreeze for the well wishes and thecamera tip… i had about 3 to 4 recommendations for the lumix, it seems like the camera to really consider buying
i miss being on the forum and can’t wait to be back sooting images, processing them and getting active again on the forum

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