Plugins vs. Studio

I’m confused. When I purchased Topaz Detail, I thought it would show up in the menu with my other Topaz Labs plugins. What is the difference between Topaz Studio and Topaz Labs plugins?

Thanks in advance for clarification.

Studio is Topaz’s new platform which runs as a standalone or as a plug-in. It is a free download and comes with some basic adjustment tools. Other or more advanced adjustment tools can be purchased on the Studio website which is different than Topaz Labs. Previously purchased plug-ins can be run from within Studio or remain where they are currently but any upgrades to them (Clarity, Detail and Impression as of now) must be run from Studio which is a work in process. If you own them, you will have access to your old plug-ins as well as the upgrades as they occur, they will automatically appear in Studio. The older plug-ins were created at different times and do not necessarily have the same coding making changes difficult. The upgraded plugins take advantage of newer advances and have a common base making upgrades and additions much easier to maintain.

Download a current copy of Studio at There is also information on Studio.

Each of the native, traditional Topazlabs plugin runs inside a “standard” framework or user interface. Topaz Studio takes the “engine” from each traditional plugin, and wraps it into a new framework - but with a whole heap of extra, added enhancements, menus, sliders, adjustments etc. If you own the traditional plugins, these may also be accessed from within the Studio framework: some folks like the older look and feel, and so are more comfortable that way.

Eventually, all Topazlabs plugins - their engines will be wrapped inside the Studio framework - implying all the enhanced features which come with it. How long Topazlabs will support the dual old/new user interfaces I could not say. But for the moment - traditional plugins and the ‘in-Studio’ plugins will be working side by side. Dual standard plugins now include Clarity, Detail and Impression. If you own any of the original plugins, when used via Studio, there is no extra cost!

I opted not to participate in the beta testing. That being said, I am very disappointed with how studio works with the plug-in Impressions. I can not use all those wonderful presets I had and created and when I open impression via Studio, Studio quits or freezes.

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