Plugins from studio one not available in studio 2

The 15 plugins that were available in studio one (e.g., Remask, Clean, Dejpeg, lenseffects, etc.) are not available in studio 2. Why not? Do I have to use them as stand alone apps? If I uninstall studio one, will these be deleted from my hard drive also?

On 30th August, in answer to one of my Support queries, Topaz’s Ben Balmaceda said
" We’re also working on getting the rest of our plug-ins working in Studio 2 as well, the AI apps there now are just the start!"

So maybe sometime in the future …

In the meantime I wouldn’t uninstall Studio 1. There are a number of things it can do that Studio 2 can’t.

Currently, only a limited set of AI plugins are supported.

No. However, is there really a pressing need to remove Studio-1? Studio-1 can exist along side Studio-2.