Plugins available from Studio and External Editors available from Lightroom

Why don’t I see all the Topaz software programs I have purchased in Studio? For example, I own Adjust and Adjust A1 but they can only be accessed from Lightroom. They are not available in Studio. This also applies to “Clean”, “Clarity” & “Star Effects” (which are lumped together in Fusion Express). Not sure if this is just the way it is or if they have not installed property. I find it confusing that when I choose “Edit In” from LIghtroom I see "Topaz Studio, Fusion Express (with 3 programs) and then a list of standalone other programs - Denoise, Glow 2, Impression 2, Textures Effects 2. Can someone explain the rationale? I looked to see if this had previously been answered but could not find it. Thanks

For Topaz Studio you will need to upgrade to the current version to have Adjust AI to show. All other installed plugins will also show.

For Lightroom all legacy plugins are available through FusionExpress but make sure the latest version is installed.

All plugins that have been migrated to Studio … Clarity, Glow, Impression, Detail etc., Will be available as separate entries.

Note all newer AI applications such as Sharpen, DeNoise etc., Need to be run as standalone for them to show as plugins or external editors in supported hosts.

Thank you for your reply. I have attempted to upgrade Topaz Studio to the current version but it says “Updates Not Available - You are running the latest version of the software” . So that did not solve the problem (still no Adjust showing up). Secondly, not all of my Legacy plugins are available through Fusion Express (just 3 of them) and I do not see anywhere to update 'Fusion Express". I guess I am still not sure if this is the way it is supposed to be - some programs are accessed from Topaz Studio, some from Fusion Express and some as stand-alone products. I would have assumed that Topaz Studio would have all the programs so that editing does not include jumping back and forth from Lightroom.

If you have v1.14.5 of Studio installed it will show Adjust:


For the others you need to select Classic Plugins from:

Fusion Express is here: