Plugin Issues with Topaz Studio 2 (DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI)

I have found an interim solution for Windows users experiencing issues with the wrong plugins being loaded in Topaz Studio 2 and also subsequently loaded from Photoshop. Note that this has been tested on PS and AP but I haven’t been able to test it using PSP as I don’t have a copy.

You will need to copy the contents of the Plugin Folders in the Program File folders for Adjust AI, Denoise AI and Sharpen AI to the Program Folder for Topaz Studio 2 and answer YES to replace the files in the Topaz Studio Plugin directories.

In the example screenshot I select both the Plugins and the Plugins_x64 folders in the Adjust AI Program Folder and then Copy to the Topaz Studio 2 Program folder. I then click YES to replace the files in the Topaz Studio 2 folders:

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac to test the same solution on Mac PCs.


I was thinking to try the same thing when I get time. Busy with hurricane prep here in Florida.

Stay safe, looks like it’s a real bad one …

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Don, Any sense of ETA on a patch from Topaz. If w/in the next couple days I’d likely wait for that. But appreciate you sending out the temp fix. I’m going to earmark it.

Have no idea if and when a patch is coming. If you do as I said there is no issue if a patch comes out because it will simply overwrite …

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Thanks for finding the solution!

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Okay, you nailed it in terms of that was my concern.

Don, thank you for finding this solution. The plugins now work as intended when invoked from Photoshop 2019 CC and as the Studio 2 standalone. They remain greyed out when invoked from Lightroom Classic and I guess this is the patch you refer to above. (Windows 10)

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Excellent - thanks very much!

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