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For the last three updates to Photo AI the ability to use as a plug-in for Affinity Photo has been lost or disabled. This is true for Gigapixel AI as well It would be greatly appreciated to have this feature returned to both products. Oddly, the betas tend to work. Doesn’t make sense. With many folks now moving away from the Adobe products having these products compatible with the Serif family of products makes good business sense. PLEASE return the compatibility!!!

Seems like what is lacking is the appropriate 8bf file.

David - I’m running Affinity Photo 2.5.0 and I can call Topaz Photo AI as a plug-in from the Effects Menu. I did have to point to Photo AI’s file location as it was not automatically detected.

My version 3.0.2 of Photo AI does have an .8bf file.

Screenshot 2024-05-25 173142


Thank you Kathy. Found it and pasted it into the right folder and it is now working. MUCH appreciated!!!



Me again Kathy -

Now that I have Photo AI working perhaps you can give me some advice for Gigapixel AI which I also haven’t been successful in getting to run. I don’t seem to have the right 8bf file for it . Below is a screen shot of what I have in my gigapixel folder. While there are 3 8bf files, none are the TopazGigapixelAI.8bf that I believe is what is required. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

gigapixel 8bf


Dave - as far as I know, Gigapixel will not operate as a plug-in with Affinity so you would have to use it as a stand-alone. Rather than butcher the explanation, I’ll link to a discussion in the Affinity Forum that explains this.


Thanks Kathy. :grinning:


Thanks for the tip, how simple – it’s now started working for me too as a plugin for Affinity 2.5 (Filters > Plugins > Topaz Labs > Topaz Photo AI…). :slight_smile:

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Interestingly that doesn’t explain why it works with Photoshop & Lightroom. I should think the same problem would exist with all 3 programs.

I suspect it’s a limitation in the way Affinity Photo and PaintShop Pro handle up-scaling versus how Photoshop and Lightroom do. Maybe someone from Topaz can give a better explanation.