Please update Nvidia driver. The minimum required Nvidia driver for nvenc is 520.0 or newer

What version of the Nvidia Driver do I need. According to Nvidia, I have the latest but 3.0.1 states I need 520.0. Confused…

  • Please update Nvidia driver. Driver does not support the required nvenc API version. Required: 12.0 Found: 11.1.

  • Please update Nvidia driver. The minimum required Nvidia driver for nvenc is 520.0 or newer.

What card? Looks like a quadro, maybe. Either don’t output to NVENC (It’s easy to see the quality loss on NVENC anyway), or wait until they update the quadro drivers.

Hi, Yes its a quadro T1000. New to this and still experimenting. Waiting till sales at end of month to get a 30 series card. How do I turn off NVENC as I don’t see any option for that other than CPU encoding which is way slow.

That’s just the output format. If you pick something like ProRez or VP9 you shouldn’t have any issues… But I have not tested. My GTX 1060 computer that has year old drivers is still running early release

522.06 is available in latest CUDA 11.8 SDK…supports all quadro & geforce cards.

Network Installer

Local Installer

Yes, output format for me is limited and dictated by my needs which is input format for my editing software. We all have different needs as some of us are up-scaling DVD’s for viewing, others edited video for publishing and others, like me, for editing.

My desired output format is governed by Vegas Pro 19/18/17/16 Supported Formats - Video/Audio and TVAI is limited on output formats and has limited ability to fine tune these. I was aiming for high bit rate H264 to limit compression and processing and make importing for edit easier. Vegas does not import VP9 so the only option, until I upgrade GPU, is ProRES. But I have over 30 hours of raw footage from 16 years ago that I captured on a Sony HDR-HC1 (1080i) that I’m wanting to stabilize and upscale to 4K. ProRES will consume too much space.

I will keep quiet until I get a 30 series GPU…