Please remove the annoying reminders in the program

Please respect the decision of the user not to “IMPROVE TOPAZ PHOTO AI”.
Once I have deselected it in the preferences, there is a sporadic reminder dialog with a message something like: “great that you are using Photo AI, please help us to improve it”, in connection with a dark pattern.
This is a particularly annoying way of integrating a form of self-promotion into purchased software.
Photo AI should be a working tool in which “dark patterns” have no place.
Please remove it!


I just bought the complete bundle, having already used Video AI for a year. I now face this “reminder” constantly myself when trying to use Photo AI. If this isn’t made possible to permanently be turned off, forever, across updates, I will have to strongly consider asking for refund.


Please reasonably adjust as OP has described.

How do I disable “Allow these images to be uploaded to help improve Topaz Photo AI”? It’s getting annoying. I don’t need the software asking me this every time I save an image. I don’t want anything uploaded and I need the software to stop asking me.

Also, is there a way to get rid of the BOX that says that on the image SAVE window?
I will like it to go away all together after I set it to OFF on the preferences->Privacy menu. The user should have the option to set it ON or OFF in preferences without having to look at it on the SAVE menu all the time. This makes me very uncomfortable.



Yes this is very annoying, I don’t get it all the time. There has been previous posts about this. If Topaz are willing to pay me, I may sell them some. Maybe I should be begging Topaz to give me some money for a new camera?


I am already regretting the purchase. If this can’t be disabled, I want my money back.

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Topaz, please add an option to hide it completed from the SAVE file dialog box. Make it so that we can click it ON or OFF in preferences to see it or not. We don’t want to see it every single day when we go to save a file. It almost feels like SPAMMING our workflow. I will be talking to more Topaz users in the communities and I am sure a lot of people don’t want to see this every time they are saving an image. It’s a big downer and it gets confusing. Keep the SAVE dialog about SAVING files only like other software. Turning this option ON or OFF in preferences should be sufficient enough.

Everyone here, please keep contacting support about this. If you feel like I do, we need to keep requesting it until it gets done.

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I fully agree.
See my earlier post
Unfortunately there was no reply from Topaz.

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I agree as well.

Yes, when I first saw that option in save dialog, I was thinking that perhaps I’d use that with photos without any private content, but after having to click through these annoying reminders, I definitely will not ever use that feature. You’re welcome.

This is very annoying to have to turn it off for every photo I save. There should be a setting to turn it off or on without seeing the prompt every time. I mainly use Photo AI for family photos in poor lighting so don’t want those shared with Topaz

Users change this option by going to Edit > Preferences > General > Privacy . Here you will find the option for Topaz Photo AI that ‘Can Upload Images By Default’ you will want to toggle this setting off.

But the message still pops up from time to time and the Box is always there when saving very close to the actual save button and can easily be hit by accident!